Why I'm Running

I am dedicated to improving the way of life for the people of northeastern North Carolina. I am focused on recruiting more jobs, expanding access to health care, and improving infrastructure in an area of the state that cannot be left out.

Valerie Jordan

On The Issues

Jobs and Economic Development


Broadband Internet

Representing Rural North Carolina

Valerie is running for NC Senate to use her experience to deliver the resources and economic development that northeast North Carolina deserves.

Meet Valerie

Valerie Jordan was raised on tobacco fields in Warrenton, North Carolina, where she first learned the power of making change. Valerie grew up in a family that instilled the belief that women must be at every table where decisions are made. At the tender age of 15, she was on the front lines of the environmental justice movement, working to prevent harmful chemicals from being disposed of in Warren County. These early lessons inspired her to enroll and pay her own way through school at NC Central University, where she began finding outlets to make an impact in the corporate world.